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Symposium 2018: Who are our speakers?

It’s just under a week to go until we head down to Oxford for our fifth annual Symposium! We’re currently putting the final touches to all our preparations for the big event to make sure its our best yet, and what better time to found out more about our fantastic speakers. Here’s some information about them […]

Proactive Management of Commercial Leases: Part 1

Property Dispute Resolution Partner, Claire-Elaine Arthurs, will be presenting a Four Part Series exploring the common issues that arise with Commercial Property Leases. She will be considering how a proactive approach can manage risks, avoid disputes and allow both Landlords and Tenants to get the best out of their Tenancy. Part 1: Begin as You […]

Is your business set up to deal with a sexual harassment claim?

In a previous blog, Thalis examined the law relating to sexual harassment and the hurdles a complainant needs to overcome when bringing a claim. In this blog, he looks at things from a different angle. He considers the importance of employers having a proper process in place to deal with allegations of sexual harassment. In […]

5 Ways to Manage Conflict Effectively at a Senior Leadership Level

Hosted by Employment Law Partner & Workplace Mediator, Rebecca Ireland Negative conflict can be highly destructive in any team, but when in a senior leadership team it can have a material impact on profitability and other key performance indicators. Of course, conflict can be positive for a business particularly at senior leadership level. A good challenging […]

Family Friendly Policies in the Modern Workplace

Hosted by Employment Law Partner, Rebecca Davidson The modern workplace is rapidly changing, and many employees are striving to find a different way to work to achieve a better work-life balance. In this webinar, Rebecca looks at the current law on family friendly policies in the workplace and consider what policies employers should have in […]

#MeToo Is it time up for discrimination in the workplace?

Below is a copy of the latest virtual round table series publication by IR Global featuring Dispute Resolution and Employment Law Partner, Shilpen Savani The #MeToo movement officially began in October 2017 as a social media hashtag in the wake of sexual misconduct allegations aimed at high profile Hollywood film producer Harvey Weinstein. In this issue, IT Global’s […]