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#MeToo Is it time up for discrimination in the workplace?

Below is a copy of the latest virtual round table series publication by IR Global featuring Dispute Resolution and Employment Law Partner, Shilpen Savani The #MeToo movement officially began in October 2017 as a social media hashtag in the wake of sexual misconduct allegations aimed at high profile Hollywood film producer Harvey Weinstein. In this issue, IT Global’s […]

Family Friendly Policies in the Modern Workplace

Hosted by Employment Law Partner, Rebecca Davidson The modern workplace is rapidly changing, and many employees are striving to find a different way to work to achieve a better work-life balance. In this webinar, Rebecca looks at the current law on family friendly policies in the workplace and consider what policies employers should have in […]

5 Ways to Manage Conflict Effectively at a Senior Leadership Level

Hosted by Employment Law Partner & Workplace Mediator, Rebecca Ireland Negative conflict can be highly destructive in any team, but when in a senior leadership team it can have a material impact on profitability and other key performance indicators. Of course, conflict can be positive for a business particularly at senior leadership level. A good challenging […]

Is your business set up to deal with a sexual harassment claim?

In a previous blog, Thalis examined the law relating to sexual harassment and the hurdles a complainant needs to overcome when bringing a claim. In this blog, he looks at things from a different angle. He considers the importance of employers having a proper process in place to deal with allegations of sexual harassment. In […]

Proactive Management of Commercial Leases: Part 1

Property Dispute Resolution Partner, Claire-Elaine Arthurs, will be presenting a Four Part Series exploring the common issues that arise with Commercial Property Leases. She will be considering how a proactive approach can manage risks, avoid disputes and allow both Landlords and Tenants to get the best out of their Tenancy. Part 1: Begin as You […]